"What they fail to understand is that “life begins at conception” is a misogynist statement. It’s the erasure of a woman’s role in making new people, and a claim that the only effort that counts is the effort a man put into ejaculating. Abortion is horrifying because it’s a reminder that men do not actually make babies, but that women do through a 9 month process, and that if a woman chooses to interrupt that process, there will not be a baby. Which is pretty conclusive proof that men don’t make babies. Which directly contradicts the misogynist belief that only men are capable of really doing jobs worth doing."

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Damn YES! ..plus it puts lie to the idea that a creator god is male. And, explains why the pagans worshiped the Goddess (now: ‘mother nature’).

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*or anyone with a uterus

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This is SO SO important. A person carrying a pregnancy cannot passively “let it live,” they have an active part in nurturing and growing it into a child. 

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Federal judge upholds most of restrictive abortion law in Texas

OH my fucking god, this exists, and the abortion-shaming that is going on in it right now is horrifying.